Cat Art Show 3: The Sequel Returns Again!

Cat Art Show LA is back and I'm participating, June 14-24, at Think Tank Gallery in DTLA! Over 140 works are going to be at the show and a portion of the proceeds go to cat related charities, too!

For more information and tickets, go to


Sonya Palencia's painting: "Baron Von Mojo", oil on 16x20" panel. It's currently available and will be on view at !

Tis the Season for Royal Pet Portraits!

I've been up to my ears this holiday season painting Royal Pet Portraits! Here is a recently completed one for Demi Lovato, of her beloved dark knight "Batman". I will be sharing them as they are gifted on my Royal Pet Portrait Page. Enjoy, and Happy Holidays! 

"Batman", oil on 8x10 wood panel. If you're interested in a Royal Pet Portrait you can view more information and order at: Lord Truffles